The word itself was not meant to be taken. But, look how it desperately affects you– your entire human body. It changes the way you think it was, the way you stand still and the way you see it’s fine. Occasionally, we have this feeling of a roller coaster life, which we weren’t convinced at all it’s going to happen. Yet, it did.

I have been experiencing this moment for almost a week now; and I can’t believe it has taken so much of my emotions.

Today, I can say that it wasn’t bad at all but, it’s literally difficult to grasp everything that is happening immediately… We are fortunate to seek help, so let us be.

Currently, taking advantage of what happen next. I hope it’s ok. And the rest will follow.

I have been so much of myself. I think it’s time to just appreciate everything for a while now.

Published by She/Her Life & Style

Hey everyone!! I am Joy Esther Placencia from the Philippines. In behalf of my recent activity, I would like to share with you my ‘She/Her Life & Style’. As you all know, I haven’t done anything like this before. So please bear with me — with all the substance in life. I actually don’t know where to begin, but let me just work it out & be playful with what I have. I am currently in my fourth year in College and taking up AB- Journalism. Furthermore, I was once to be a frustrated writer, specifically an author of my book. But, as the day passes by. I realized that everything we have now will immediately be gone. At glance, still I tried. Likewise, I used to be a model in my younger years; I have been into modeling session, once; and workshop — just to at least increase my self-confidence at all. Either way, I recently started my YouTube Channel named ‘Esther Official’ where I share my Daily Life routine as a student; and basically just a human being. Moreover, I would like to show you all a bit of what I do as a person, a student and most importantly to share what matters to me in my daily basis.

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